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Reaching the top of Everest takes a lot of things including: courage, money, time, training, stamina, and so on. One thing most people don't know, is it also requires a Sherpa to complete this task if you take the traditional route to the Apex. A Sherpa is a local native that is familiar with Everest and is paired with climbers to help them navigate the climb. This assistance helps them avoid many common obstacles and also provides valuable insight into how to not only survive the climb, but how to get to the Apex. 

Apex Marketing Team, wants to be your Sherpa to the Apex of your field. We are a full service "native" of the marketing industry offering SEO, website design, mobile app development, social media marketing, social media management, brand development/brand strategies, graphic design, content writing, direct marketing (advertising), video content production, and even event and talent promotion. 

Why does that matter to you?

We have a saying, not originally ours, but we live by it. "One throat to choke". That means, if you have a partner helping with all things marketing, you always know how and who to go to when you have to adapt or correct quickly. So we made sure to get the best we could find in each service offering and put them all under one roof. 

Our core service is creativity and brand marketing. We believe that before you can extract value (asking people to buy from you or use your service), there has to be a value built to extract from. We start at the base, even a domain name or social media handle, and work up to build that value so extracting is easy and natural. 

If you are looking for a quick, "just need a logo man" kind of thing, we probably aren't the best option. If you are looking for someone that has a team that can ensure your climb to the top is as easy as possible, then we are your Sherpa. 


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Everyone is in a different place, we get that. So below we have choices that will lead you towards the people who can help you the most.


If you aren't sure, give us a call 662-505-APEX(2739) and we can help you get to the right people. 

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Your Guide

Apex Marketing Team wants to partner with you and help you navigate the world of marketing. This monthly consulting and strategy membership includes:  

  • Website Review

  • Search Engine Rankings Review

  • Social Media Review

  • Advertising Review

  • Competitor Review

  • Marketing Trend Insights

  • Strategy & Campaign Development

  • Access to the SHERPA App platform that will provide included tools, training, and how-to videos for day to day marketing.

  • Monthly Call with team to go over reports and strategy

  • Monthly Sherpa call with other Sherpa members (networking and tips/tricks)

All included for a low monthly rate. If you decide you need some help with bigger projects, Sherpa members also get a 20% discount on services. 

Brand Marketing

If Nike were to open a hotel tomorrow, you would already have in your mind what it would look like, right? What about Apple, Google? Same thing.

That is because they have excelled in Brand Marketing. Their commercials, outreach, public image is not "buy now", "click to call", "signup for free". Instead, they offer a common ground and if you are within it, perfect, come along. 

We take the same approach when marketing for our partners. It is not the quickest return, but it is the one that pays 100x in the long  term. 

If you need to develop a brand, or redesign one, we can help. If you have one you need to be grown, we are ready to do that too. 


Direct Marketing

Think of Brand Marketing as the before, and Direct Marketing as the after. 

Brand marketing builds value in what you do or sell. Direct marketing, on the other hand, extracts the value that you have built. 

Where you direct market depends on the traffic of your target customers. As an example, targeting people with discounts for senior citizens would not do well on TikTok, but if you slide that in to the 6am news cast, you are on to something.   

How you direct market is based on your brand. If your brand is built on trust and reliability, a "call now", "click here" style campaign would not yield great results. For this example, you would want to approach your target audience with testimonials and reviews with a great price and they will figure out how to click or call without you saying it. This is "on brand" direct marketing. 


Video is king. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. 

We have all heard these sayings, and in marketing, they ring even more true. For this very reason, we have developed a whole arm of Apex Marketing Team dedicated to the art of media. 

Kupaa will handle all live streamed events for Apex Untamed, video content for social media, TV commercial production, and anything else related to media. To learn more, visit Kupaa.co

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Event & Talent

Apex Untamed is a new division of Apex Marketing Team, LLC, that's sole focus is the marketing of nontraditional businesses such as events and talented individuals. 

Events can include races, tournaments, sporting events, fights, concerts, festivals, and more. 


Untamed is unmatched when it comes to  "outside the box" methods on how to  creatively inspire passion and excitement of your event attendees or fans, while also driving high revenue that most times doubles your investment into our service. 


Talent categories, as of now, are:

  • Athletes (including teams and fitness gyms) 

  • Racecar Drivers (including teams and car sponsorships)

  • Musicians (including bands)

  •  eSports (individual or team)

  • Influencers/Creators

  • Other Categories Coming Soon

So, if you are an event host/organizer/promoter, or a talented individual or group of individuals, hit the "Learn More" button below to get started.