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Reaching the top of Everest takes a lot of things including: courage, money, time, training, stamina, and so on. One thing most people don't know, is it also requires a Sherpa to complete this task if you take the traditional route to the Apex. A Sherpa is a local native that is familiar with Everest and is paired with climbers to help them navigate the climb. This assistance helps them avoid many common obstacles and also provides valuable insight into how to not only survive the climb, but how to get to the Apex. 

Apex Marketing Team, wants to be your Sherpa to the Apex of your field. We are a full service "native" of the marketing industry offering SEO, website design, mobile app development, social media marketing, social media management, brand development/brand strategies, graphic design, content writing, direct marketing (advertising), video content production, and even event and talent promotion. 

Why does that matter to you?

We have a saying, not originally ours, but we live by it. "One throat to choke". That means, if you have a partner helping with all things marketing, you always know how and who to go to when you have to adapt or correct quickly. So we made sure to get the best we could find in each service offering and put them all under one roof. 

Our core service is creativity and brand marketing. We believe that before you can extract value (asking people to buy from you or use your service), there has to be a value built to extract from. We start at the base, even a domain name or social media handle, and work up to build that value so extracting is easy and natural. 

If you are looking for a quick, "just need a logo man" kind of thing, we probably aren't the best option. If you are looking for someone that has a team that can ensure your climb to the top is as easy as possible, then we are your Sherpa. 


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Unlike most marketing agencies, we do a lot of "outside the box" marketing along with the traditional marketing tactics used like digital, web, and even social media.

Below is an introduction into all of the departments within the Apex Marketing Team family, and what they bring to the table (at Thanksgiving, sorry, Dad Joke).


If you aren't sure what to do with all this info, give us a call at 662-505-APEX(2739) and we can help you get to the right people, or start a chat down below at any point. 

TRADITIONAL MARKETING: Websites/Apps, Social Media, Advertising, SEO etc. 

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Currently 5 locations in the US, with the Tupelo, MS location being the home office.

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In addition to the normal marketing products and services offered, this division also has a few unique products.

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APEX UNTAMED is the department dedicated to "outside of the box" marketing. This can include everything from race cars, mma fighters, to eSports and our own fully custom clothing brand. Although that may seem like a lot, this department already has three other projects in the works to launch in 2022 that will see just this one department grow faster than any other part of the APEX brand.

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Last is Kupaa, our dedicated media department. This department handles everything from LiveStreams of NCAA Basketball, MMA Fights, Online Sales, to promo videos and tv commercials. The most requested service in 2022 is social media content creation for small business. Learn More

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us here at APEX Marketing Team. We would love the chance to get to know you and your business. Feel free to give us a call, chat with us on here, or use the button below to start the climb, or schedule a time to talk. 


If you aren't sure, give us a call 662-505-APEX(2739) and we can help you get to the right people.