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Branding is such an inclusive word, because everything your business touches must be in sync to make sure you build the value that you then can extract when doing direct marketing.


A lot of people, especially startups, want to skip the branding step and jump right in to "buy now, click here, call now" style advertising. They get a name, a logo, and hit the ground running.


It doesn't take too long before they get frustrated and have discounted their product or services so low they question if they will ever make it. "Why is no one buying? I'm basically giving it away."


This common occurrence is due to trying to extract value before building value to extract from.


Branding is the crucial first step, and the cost of good branding should be factored in to any startup to make sure you can extract value off of that brand.


Several things go in to or touch your brand, see the list on this page. Each piece plays a different but vital role in how quickly and accurately you build the value. 

Once done correctly, discounting and price discussions are the last thing on your customer's minds, they just want you to do it, or sell them the product, because they see the value. 

It's a lot to consider, and we pride ourselves on being very good at understanding your business and providing cover for the blind spots most people miss. 

We'd love to start a conversation with you, get to know your business and goals, then provide you what we know would be the best options for you to hit those goals.