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What is SHERPA?

Reaching the top of Everest takes a lot of things including: courage, money, time, training, stamina, and so on. One thing most people don't know, is it also requires a Sherpa to complete this task if you take the traditional route to the Apex. A Sherpa is a local native that is familiar with Everest and is paired with climbers to help them navigate the climb. This assistance helps them avoid many common obstacles and also provides valuable insight into how to not only just survive the climb, but how to reach the top. 

Apex Marketing Team, wants to be your Sherpa to the Apex of your field. We are a full service "native" of the marketing industry offering SEO, website design, mobile app development, social media marketing, social media management, brand development/brand strategies, graphic design, content writing, direct marketing (advertising), video content production, and even event and talent promotions. 

Our monthly consulting & strategy "SHERPA" membership includes:  

  • Website Review

  • Search Engine Rankings Review

  • Social Media Review

  • Advertising Review

  • Competitor Review

  • Marketing Trend Insights

  • Strategy & Campaign Development

  • Access to the SHERPA App platform that will provide included tools, training, and how-to videos for day to day marketing.

  • Monthly Call with team to go over reports and strategy

  • Monthly Sherpa call with other Sherpa members (networking and tips/tricks)

  • ​​Sherpa members also get a 20% discount on services. 

These services individually would require hiring your own "in-house" marketing team, curious as to what that costs?


We Googled it for you:

How Much Does an internal marketing content strategist cost?

Average monthly cost is between $5,000 up to $10,000 based on number of campaigns and platforms.

Luckily, you don't have to go that route. With SHERPA, you get it all for one low monthly or even lower annual investment. 

See what some people are saying about SHERPA and the APEX Marketing Team:

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Michael Posey

APEX’s advice and expertise is actually what I was looking for to get started with my website. I look forward to working with the staff. Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Ernest Simmons

If I give you a good review, you definitely deserve it ! Working with Apex was great, they did everything I asked them to do. But to me more importantly was the advice that I've got from APEX, it was priceless ! I would recommend them to anyone. GREAT JOB APEX !

Laura Beth Hull

Justin and I had a meeting with APEX and it was amazing! We can’t wait to see what Apex can do for the old maid and the endless possibilities! Professional, creative, and SUPER knowledgeable! I walked out of his office on cloud nine with big visions for our business and growth.

If you’re in the market for a marketing team for your business, definitely check out Apex! You won’t be disappointed!

Ready to Get Started?

Choose the option that works best for you. 


    Every month
    Your Guide To The Apex
    • No Contract
    • Website, Social, Search Engine Ranking, Advertising Review
    • Marketing Trend Updates
    • Competitor Research & Review
    • Monthly Custom Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Posting Tool (2 platforms included)
    • Local SEO Tool (Manage All Local Online Listings in 1 place)
    • Brand Management (Ask for and respond to reviews)
    • Advertising Campaign Manager ROI Tracking
    • Unlimited use of How-To Guides/Videos
    • Unlimited use of Online Academy
    • Mobile Application Access
    • Monthly Review & Strategy Calls With Apex
    • Invite to monthly "Sherpa" Networking Calls.
    • 20% discount on any needed Apex Services

    Every year
    SAVE $588 annually
    • All SHERPA monthly features are included for 12 months.

    For New Sherpa Members Registered with BBA-Memphis
    Valid for one month
    • All Sherpa Features. Will be verified by BBA Memphis

Plans are charged monthly. Cancel anytime.