APEX Marketing Team LLC provides services and pricing for those services aimed to help any budget begin the essential marketing strategies that every business needs. 
Apex Marketing Team LLC does not provide any guaranteed results, only promises to fulfil all obligations detailed in the agreement concerning amount of effort, use of tools and resources and reporting as stated in the offered service. Apex Marketing Team LLC only guarantees to offer our best effort in results. 
Vanity Numbers are subject to availability. Vanity Number plans included have 500 minutes included. Any usage above the 500 minutes are subject to additional charge. Apex Marketing LLC does not monitor recordings, and is not responsible in ensuring each business meets the local and federal rules and regulations established for call recording. 
Branding name and logo are up to 3 revisions.

 Website hosting and domain is not included in a website build unless requested, quoted, and then payed for. If a service is offered on an ongoing reoccurring basis, any paid fees will not be refunded unless there is a breach of the agreement by Apex Marketing Team, LLC in that they did not provide a service as agreed upon. Results, rankings, and/or conversions, are not a reason to request a refund. No company can guarantee results accurately, Apex Marketing Team, LLC is no exception to this fact. If a ongoing service is canceled, all services are canceled including: site, hosting, domain, email, vanity number, advertising, social management, seo, site access, and any other service, when the prepaid term has expired. All cancelations must happen 7 days prior to your next bill date to avoid auto payments from drafting. 
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Terms Of Service